5 Ways You’re Failing Yourself

Jenny Silard
16 Jul , 2018

Self-sabotage is our greatest enemy on the quest for success. Want to do more, be better, and dream bigger? Start by taking stock of these 5 ways you may be failing yourself.

1)    Living with Regret

2)    Apologies & Explanations

3)    Hesitation

4)    Choosing Fear

5)    Self-Doubt


1)    Living with Regret

Regret cripples success, because it occupies and consumes your mind. No matter what regrets you carry, their negativity will drag you down – and keeping your eyes fixed on the past will have you stumbling down the road in front of you. Regret breeds resentment, depression, and stagnation.

Accept that you cannot change the past, and choose to instead change the future. Stop imagining what might have been, and begin chasing what is yet to be.

2)    Apologies & Explanations

Be unapologetic, every day. This doesn’t mean never say sorry – it means standing by your decisions and refusing to break apart, water down, and explain choices to anyone who doesn’t deserve it (and most don’t). Let your confidence in your own character and choices be undiluted by constant apologies and explanations. Allow people into your life who don’t need to/demand to understand, because they simply trust you. Remember that your choices are your responsibility, your journey is your own, and your path is yours to create – and no one else’s.

3)    Hesitation

Hesitation denotes weakness.  There is huge difference between thoughtfulness/patience – and hesitation. Hesitant people usually delay decision-making not due to wisdom, but because of fear and self-doubt. Examine WHY you are hesitating. Make sure your reasons are not based on past error, present fear, or future uncertainty.

4)    Choosing Fear

Fear feeds failure and cripples success. Fear is a choice. Your physical reactions/anxiety/heart racing/cortisol increases may be reactive, but your willingness to live in a state of anxiety and panic is a choice. Choose to focus on what you can control, and let go of what you can’t. We fear what we don’t understand, and what we cannot control. Let it the fuck go.  Don’t let uncertainty rent space in your head.

5)    Self-doubt

Each of these other points comes to a head in the dark and deadly wormhole of self-doubt. Self-doubt cripples forward progress. You set your own mental limitations, every day - and they translate into your choices, your failures, your successes. Strip the boundaries. Stop doubting yourself. Set goals instead of building fences, and then crush them. What you believe you can achieve, you will go after. Work hard, and make it happen. 


So now what? You get it. So fucking handle your shit. Abandon what holds you back. Attack the shit that is crippling you. Move the fuck forward. Challenge, and triumph. 

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