7 Critical Habits of Self-Made People

Posted on August 28 2018

7 Critical Habits of Self-Made People

When you’re young, especially before your 20’s, it’s unlikely that you anticipate the simple struggle to survive that comes with adulthood. You definitely don’t expect to be fighting to keep a roof over your head with a measly hourly wage and a useless college degree.

No matter where you’re at in life, you can make a change. Whether you’re heading into the years where you’re establishing your career trajectory and future success, or you’re at the lowest of lows, midway through your life and fighting for a way out… no matter where you’re at, you can make a change.

Here’s where it begins.


1. Leave the old shit behind.

If you expect to discover new things, and make a change, start by cutting ties with everything holding you back. Want a new job? Be ready to let go of your old one. Need a new house? Let go of the nostalgia and be willing to make a break for it. Seeking a healthier relationship? Start by breaking the old one off. Whatever isn’t satisfying you, whatever isn’t pushing you forward and propelling you toward the success you desire, let it go. Excellence is a habit. Establish the habit of leaving old shit behind.

2. Simplify what you say.

The most successful people in the world are capable of being captivating without being convoluted. Simplify your words, your terms. Learn to use the english language with precision and meaning. Establish a habit of speaking clearly, confidently, and thoughtfully, and people will begin to listen. This is arguably one of the simplest first steps toward leadership and taking ownership of your life.

3. Set daily goals.

Highly successful, powerful people tend to have a very unique, similar habit: each day, they wake up and set a systematic list of goals, and attack them one by one. Start your day by establishing your goals on whatever level is most helpful for you - maybe it’s a simple list, maybe its hour by hour. Writing down your goals offers a first step toward a commitment to achieve them, and helps you prioritize effectively. Establish a habit of setting goals - daily.

4. Be reliable.

Fucking follow through. It’s just that simple. Do what you say you are going to do, and never say you will do something you may not do. Establish a habit of deciding what you will accomplish, and making it happen. The end. Next?

5. Pull the trigger.

Successful people only hesitate for the sake of gathering information. Successful people MAKE DECISIONS. They are not afraid of pulling the trigger. The more decisions you make, the more successful you can become. Lose your fear of making critical decisions - this fear will paralyze you and rob you of any future success. Be less afraid of mistakes than indecision. Challenge the crossroads, take steps. Establish a habit of making decisions.

6. Never be afraid to ask.

Highly successful people have a habit of asking questions. Stop assuming you know the answer - start asking. Assumptions can keep you from truth, which can keep you from forward progress. Probe. Learn. Discover. Develop rounded, thoughtful viewpoints to help inform your decision-making. Establish a habit of asking.

7. Master everything.

Whatever you do, do it with confidence, and do it fully. Become a master at everything you do. Put the damn work in. Don’t wish for it - show that you want it. Put in the time, the effort, the research, the consistency, the discipline - master EVERYTHING. Establish this habit, and you are well on your way to powerful changes in your life.


Change begins with your own bad habits. Adopt good ones, adopt powerful ones. Adjust how you approach everyday life, your goals and your decisions. This is your first step toward a happy, successful future.

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