Posted on January 04 2019



We’ve got some exciting shit to share, and it’s been in the works for some time.

Many of you may have noticed as we’ve been clearing house of a significant portion of our patriotic gear this last few months. We’ve been making way for a huge brand shift toward the most critical part of our mission: Providing support, encouragement, and a swift kick in the pants as a fitness motivational brand.

Moving into 2019, SavTac is committed to the development of our brand in the fitness and motivational space. With our new release in January you’ll see a slew of products we’ve been tweaking, perfecting and creating this last year: men’s joggers, shorts, tanks, tees, wrist wraps, and more; women’s leggings (including our MISFIT leggings, pictured here), tees, tanks, and shorts. Select basics and more innovative styles for variety, with motivational messaging designed to keep you on your toes and driving forward toward your goals.

We’re here to encourage you to be, do, and become better - to stay inspired and chase your dreams with relentless passion and discipline.

We’re entering 2019 with bigger, better things in store for the SAVTAC brand, and we’re excited to see where this leads.


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