How's your HUSTLE?

Posted on February 18 2019

How's your HUSTLE?


A record 66 million Americans are using health clubs this year - an all-time high for the fitness community. Prospecting entrepreneurs have been all over this trend, capitalizing on new business models and interest opportunities through channels like Instagram. Successful entrepreneurs have a vision, they create a plan, and they follow through on executing that plan. They grind and they hustle, and they don’t give up.

One such entrepreneur built a fitness empire from the ground up - without a deep-pocketed corporate partner - and made a killing in the process. Have you heard of 24-hour Fitness? Before 1983, you probably wouldn’t have. What began as a siloed fitness club in Northern California is now, by membership - the largest privately -owned fitness chain in the world.

Mark Mastrov - the founder - injured his knee in 1983, and turned to a local health club for rehab. When the owner sold the club, Mastrov invested in it with the idea of turning it into an around-the-clock operation. “24-hour Nautilus” grew quickly - and only ten years later, the company bought out multiple rivals and did a massive rebrand as 24-hour Fitness. The company now has 18,000 employees and more than 3 million members at 400+ locations - worldwide.

In 2005 Mastrov sold his share when the company was acquired for $1.6 billion - and now operates as the CEO of Fitness Holdings Worldwide.

Start small. Dream big. Have a clear vision. Isolate it. Thrive on it. Dream about it. Take concrete steps toward it. You’ll find challenges, roadblocks, and hurdles; overcome them, and find yourself stronger. Dreams are sweeter when you hustle for them.

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