The Bitter Basics of Nutrition and Core Definition

Posted on May 02 2018

The Bitter Basics of Nutrition and Core Definition

So you’ve got those jelly roll, extra love handles? Even after all of the crunches, planks, side bends, and twists… and you’re frustrated, aren’t you? You might even be seeing definition everywhere else BUT your core. So… WHY? WTF IS GOING ON? Shouldn’t you have abs already?? Screw you, universe!

Well, here’s the problem: Abs (especially for women), aren’t all about muscle strength… and the first step to realizing why you’re not shredding like a cheese grater is understanding the concept of subcutaneous and visceral body fat.

Here’s the deal: layers of tissue under your skin hold fat for the body to use as energy. If the body fat percentage around your abdominal wall is too thick, it won’t matter how big and strong your abs are… they’ll never show through flesh. And unfortunately, the answer to this problem is exactly what you don’t want to hear… wanna see your abs? Start in the kitchen.

While you don’t have to weigh out all your food and count the calories in every bite, add some common sense to daily meals to get started. Eat more protein, more healthy fats (avocados, nuts and seeds). Try for lean proteins like seafood, white meat poultry, beans and eggs. Balance the proteins with loads of high-fiber veggies and very small amounts of low-sugar fruit (i.e. blueberries). Cut out refined and processed carbs and sugar, because they trigger your pancreas to create insulin - which helps to turn the muffins you love into a lovely little waistline muffin top.

And above all… drink. More. Water.

Water helps with digestion, it helps rid your body of toxins, and it helps up-regulate your metabolism. Between water and a more balanced diet, you should start to see some core definition in a matter of weeks. For an additional boost, keep an eye on the gram for our weekly HIIT workouts to help you burn off some extra bodyfat! 


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