Who the Fuck Are You, Really?

Posted on March 01 2018

Who the Fuck Are You, Really?

Who the fuck are you, really?


When is the last time you took a step back, hit pause, checked in? Who the fuck are you? Do you even know?


You are only as strong as your weakest moments. So who are you in the broken places, the in-betweens, the uncertainty, the pain? Who are you when you haven’t a goddamn clue where to turn, what to do, what your purpose is?


Who the fuck are you, really?


When shit hits the fan, when you suffer slander and breakups and rejection and neglect… when your friends betray you, and you’re ready to quit, when you want to turn tail and run from the cluster fuck of life’s daily dose of horseshit…


Who the fuck are you, really?


When everything crumbles, and all of your insecurities and fears and confusion and uncertainty surface, are you everything you want to be?


Chances are, you’re not. Chances are, when you break, you despise the weaknesses you see. Chances are, you’re not where you want to be… yet.


So before you hit that next firefight - homefront or battlefield - before you lose your job, your relationship, your money - before the next silent shitstorm slowly encroaches on whatever Disney dreamer’s castle you’ve built up in your head… prepare yourself.


Hone your mind. Direct your thoughts. Invest in your passions. Pursue the shit that matters, abandon what doesn’t. Analyze your weaknesses, attack them with vigor. Utilize your strengths. Surround yourself with people who fucking challenge you. Never, ever, EVER fucking coast. Coasters are passive quitters.


Don’t settle. Don’t go with the flow. Don’t exist in your comfort zone. Don’t abdicate responsibility over the one goddamn reality that will throw a hard right straight at your jaw the next time you stumble over a challenge - the reality that YOU, and only you, are responsible for exactly whoever you fucking are, right now.


So who the fuck are you, really?


“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”




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