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SAVAGE TACTICIANS (SAV-TAC) is a Veteran-owned lifestyle apparel brand based out of Wilmington, NC offering high quality fitness & motivational apparel. ST donates a percentage of all proceeds to Veteran and First Responder communities.

origins & mission and about the owner


CEO and owner Kevin Ullman was born and raised in a military family and served in 2nd BN 8th Marines for 8 years at Camp Lejeune, NC. Following his EAS, Ullman pursued a career in private security. Inspired by his experiences and with many hours overseas to think and plan, Ullman established and launched "Vet-Life"  - a clothing line targeted at supporting the military community and its veterans - in February of 2015. Due to popular demand, Vet-Life would then become "Savage Tacticians" shortly after, with the purpose of encouraging, motivating and honoring inspirational and fitness-focused individuals across the nation - not just isolated to the military community. Founded on key principles of passion and patriotism, Sav-Tac has since grown into a nationally recognized brand.