Conan the Goon - Savage Tacticians

Conan the Goon



- White tee 60/40 Cotton Poly

- Black tee 50/50 Cotton Poly

- Lightweight and breathable

- Preshrunk for accurate fit


Washing Directions:

- Machine wash cold

- Hang dry or low/med heat in dryer


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Bryan Bradley

Love all my shirts, A savage Conan, what’s not to love about that

Zachary S.
Five stars

If I had had all the money in the world, I’d buy everything you guys have in stock. Love it all

Gabriel Martinez
Sizing is a problem

I thoroughly enjoy the designs of the Sav-Tac T-shirts but the Mediums fit very tightly around the chest/armpit and the Larges fit like dresses and are incredibly long. It's as if the Mediums are Scmediums and the Larges feel like XLs. I just wish the fits were a bit more tapered so I can get the Large or the Mediums with a bit more chest room. Print quality is great.

Conan the Goon

Magnificent image, so good it even makes me look 12% more like a hipster than I already am !!

Incredible benefits

Upon receiving this item I knew exactly what it was when I saw the package on my door step. There was a throbbing red glow resembling a discarded pile of radioactive goo emanating from the enclosure. As I grew closer I could feel the energy urging me to move closer, like a tractor beam. My growing fear causing the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up, itching at my spine telling me not to touch it. I knew that this was the garb that would change my life.
Upon placing it on my torso I could instantly feel the hair on my chest turning into a lions mane, the dawning of the garb had transformed me instantly. I knew at this time I was one of the chosen ones from the great epochs of old. My muscles increased five fold causing the shirt to barley hold them in, just before bursting the seams the power granted had ensured that I would not destroy this holy grail of masculinity. My stamina had been refreshed as if I had just scaled the mighty peaks of Asgard, I could feel the spirit of Conan coursing through me with the godly aura of Crom to protect me. The sky erupted in lighting and thunder as two bolts rushed to the ground before me striking, the riddle of steel had been gifted in the explosion. Two swords from the gods had struck, I knew my path was clear. I knew it was my sole purpose to crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

I would say this to all the mortals pursuing this mythical garb. I now can no longer move it as it has become part of me. I only eat large game animals that I catch with my fists and drink only beer fermented from the trunks of ancient trees. Caveat Emptor.