Ranger Eye Goon Patch - Savage Tacticians

Ranger Eye Goon Patch



- Heavy duty, durable PVC

- 1" wide

- Velcro backing



Customer Reviews

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Ethan Mangum

I got two of these. One for my collection and the other I wear on my hat to work everyday. All the products I’ve gotten have been awesome and I’ll definitely be getting more.

Radames Leon Ayala

Cool Patch!

Dynamite comes in little packages.

I initially misjudged the size of this little guy but it sits right next to my name tag on my plate carrier and accentuates it well!

Roger Wilcox II
Moons Out Goons Out

Great patch, it looks fantastic on my Rhodesian Brushstroke Cap. I wish there was a lil bit bigger one 2" x 3" that has the same logo and Moons Out Goons Out underneath the logo

Ronald Gonzalez
Great quality!!!!!

I was excited to get my first order from your company. The shirt, eye patch, and sticker all meet my expectations. Great product for and incredible price. I did accidentally order this product twice because I didn’t put my 10% new customer code in and must have gone back in on my second email to get the discount and somehow ordered twice once from my hibigron@gmail and my hibigron@icloud address. I sent an email almost immediately and got a response and was so excited that your team answered so fast and told me that they would cancel my last order, the one without the discount but I didn’t care because I loved the style of the warlord shirt. Well about a week later I received both orders and I was like “ what happened, they answered so quickly and assured me they would cancel my last order, so I guess I’ll have two of the same shirts , stickers and eye patches lol... thanks again for a great product and I’ve worn the shirt twice so far and have given your apparel site to a couple of fellow gun enthusiasts. I look forward to ordering again as you guys have soooo many amazing products.