Woobie Hoodie - Multicam Black - Savage Tacticians

Woobie Hoodie - Multicam Black

We've taken the best piece of gear the military issues us and turned it into the most comfortable hoodie. Whether you're dropping the kids off at school or snatching souls, do it while staying warm, comfy and sexy AF.



-  100% Nylon

 - Elastic waistband and cuffs to keep the chill out

- 2 front pockets

- Extreme comfort

- Lightweight

- Runs a tad big


Washing Directions:

- Machine wash cold

- Hang dry or low/med heat in dryer


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
The Warmth you never knew you needed

It all started on a cold night in the fields of Fort Benning. We were setting up a patrol base and we were finishing up digging in. Time to rack out, but the damn sleeping bag was at the bottom of my ruck. And there she was, just staring at me, beckoning me to wrap her sweet bosom around my frail body.
“How could this light plastic blanket thing ever keep me warm?” I thought to myself.
I closed my ruck and figured I would just tough it out, probably only going to get a couple hours of sleep anyhow. I just need to rest my head. So I leaned on my ruck and tried to go to sleep. Key word: tried.
The sands of Fort Benning not only sucked the joy from my soul but now I found it sucking the very heat from my body!!!
I yelled in my head, “Why the hell did I do this to myself?!?!? Why the hell would I submit to the life of the Infantry?!?!? Being a death dealing sex tornado is not worth this!!!”
My bitching and moaning was interrupted by the soft and subtle touch of the glorious woobie. A corner had slipped out of my ruck and landed on my shoulder. As if to say,
“Shhhh young warrior, take me out and I’ll get you through this.”
I reached in and pulled out that glorious ACU patterned beauty and wrapped that thing around me. Her touch was delicate. It brought back memories of when my babysitter would tuck me in and I’d brush her boobs with my forehead. Her warmth covered my body like i was swimming in hot cocoa on Christmas morning. And she made me feel whole again. That’s when the love affair started and I will never forget her. And now the guys at Savage Tacticians have made this beautiful goddess into a hoodie!!!! I ordered this bad bitch immediately and when i got to try it on for the first time......all the memories with my woobie cam rushing back!!! The hooch I set up in JRTC, all that time in the tower in Afghanistan, or that time i had to go to the portapotty in the middle of the night. Or that time last week when i didn’t pay the electric bill. All those fond memories of that beautiful love can now go with me anywhere i go. Thank you Savage Tacticians, I’ll never forget this beautiful gesture to mankind you developed.


Best jacket I own. Warm and cool at the same time.

Love this thing!

The only gripe I have with this thing is the stitching at the seams. I still gave it 5 stars because it won’t affect my decision in buying another for myself or for friends, but if someone showed me o e that I couldn’t feel the seams, I’d probably switch brands. Just a thought.


This jacket is THE jacket to have! Soft poncho liner feel with the warmth I remember from the field!

Love it!

This Woobie jacket is incredible. Excellently crafted and super comfortable and warm. Love this and will be ordering another one! The customer service was top notch and the experience was 5 stars. These are going to continue to be a huge hit!! Thank you again!