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StopBox PRO

StopBox PRO

Properly storing firearms is just as important as knowing the gun safety rules. The wrong person possessing your firearm, whether it be a child or a stranger, can lead to potentially tragic outcomes. That’s where the preemptive measure of a reliable gun safe comes into play. Even with gun safes, there’s a balance that needs to be struck. Heavy-duty vaults can withstand thieves and house fires, but you lose the ability to access your firearms quickly in a self-defense situation. Of course, you can always opt to leave your pistol in condition one on the nightstand for the quickest access, but that leaves it vulnerable to sticky fingers and misguided curiosity. This approach, depending on your location, could also be a legal issue for some. I take a tiered approach to gun storage. I have a safe that holds firearms that I do not need immediate access to, and then I have smaller safes that I can get into swiftly, should the need arise.

That’s where the StopBox PRO comes into the picture. With the StopBox PRO, you get a system that provides instantaneous access in a minimal and robust package. Using the finger actuators set to the specific code you choose along with the downward pressure of your palm, unlocks the StopBox PRO. In just minutes of training with the PRO, I was blown away by the speed at which I could get to my firearm. No batteries to die on you. No thumbprint to not work the first time. No number combo to get through.

(StopBox Pro with a Springfield Armory 4.25" Prodigy, 20-round magazine, Holosun EPS, and Surefire X300 fit nicely)

Even though I could get into the PRO rapidly, I asked my wife and children to try to gain access into the StopBox PRO without telling them how. They struggled. Their first instinct is to start pressing the finger actuators randomly. After that didn’t work, I gave them the code. I showed them exactly which actuators to press and they were still defeated. I only showed my wife how to use it properly, and within minutes she was a PRO.

StopBox USA is a family-owned and operated business manufacturing its products in the US. Its founder is also a USPSA Master shooter. Check out the StopBox PRO, and be confident in your choice to safely store your firearms while maintaining your ability to quickly protect yourself and your loved ones.

Check out the StopBox PRO.

AJ Manglona

Sgt, USMC (Ret.)

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