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COVID-19 Shipping Information 

We appreciate your patience!

COVID-19 has impacted many of our shipments. We work so very hard in the warehouse to try to get everyone’s packages out in a timely manner.  We are located in Wilmington, NC and due to COVID-19 we’ve seen an unexpected rise in delays in shipments from USPS. We’ve learned this has been a struggling issue with many other small businesses similar to ours as USPS is not scanning packages properly. 

This has been especially challenging for SavTac, because this is all happening at the time that we elevated our marketing efforts and got thousands of new customers. We are so sorry that your experience has been like this as our customers deserve a better experience! We completely understand the frustration, and we also thank you so much for all of the warm and understanding emails and comments we have gotten. 

We have seen tracking go from "Shipment Received. Package Acceptance Pending" to “delivered” the same day with no update in between. USPS seems to be routinely skipping scanning the tracking anywhere along the transit process. Our protocol is that once your label is created, your order is typically fulfilled usually within 24 hours on business days and our team drives to USPS to drop off all packages at the end of every day. Prior to Covid-19 this was a very smooth fulfillment process that was tried and true during our busiest sale periods. If you received your tracking information then that means your package has been handed over to USPS and it should be in transit to you.

So we just want to reassure you that your package has indeed been dropped off to the post office, and unfortunately some have been sitting there for lengthy periods of time. Many who ordered earlier are still waiting, yet some who ordered at the same time have already received their orders. There seems to be no structure or order to the post office's scanning process at this point, but shipping is in progress.

We’ve recently introduced ROUTE shipping insurance to help protect many of these packages from the delays by USPS. If they do not update your tracking scan history within 7 days from the ship date you are eligible with your insurance to get your order refunded or replaced for you. 

We want to thank you so much for your patience, and understanding! If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact our support team! We appreciate and value all feedback!


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