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.223 Coasters

Savage Tacticians

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Handmade coasters using 100 year old Black Walnut and featuring a .223 projectile encased in expoy resin.

A total of 200 sets will be made



- 4 coaster pack

- 100 year old Black Walnut wood

- 80gr Hornady ELD match grade .223

- Laser engraved front and back

**If any moisture is absorbed into the wood, don't panic! Let it dry out and reseal with mineral oil** 


Currently shipping orders out in 1-3 business days.

Holiday + Sale Promotions - shipping times may increase

We primarily use USPS and UPS as our primary postal couriers at this time.

We back every purchase with a 30 day warranty that the item is free of defects or issues. 

If you experience any issue with our product within 30 days please email our customer support 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love the concept not the execution

My husband did really enjoy these but none of the coasters are the same size and some are matte and the wood is rough and some the wood is smooth and really clear. the .223 is not on the same spot on all of them and the wood staining is different among the coasters.

Sal, the super from across the way!
Raw like life!!

Solid build, and great visual with the trail behind the round. Excellent for keeping the solvent tank free of water rings. Set them out at your next cookout, sit back and enjoy the finger snaps and gun claps.

Joey C
Coasters John Wick would appreciate

The coasters are very well done. They are stylish, classy with some heft to them. The wood and greenish resin make them look and feel like coasters fit to hold a glass of bourbon for John Wick himself! I’m happy with them.

Randall Walker

If you don’t own these… you can’t in good conscious call yourself an American!

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