SL Trail Pants - Olive Drab - Savage Tacticians

SL Trail Pants - Olive Drab

Our Savage Lightweight (SL) Trail pants were designed to combine functionality, performance, along with a casual style when keeping you cool and comfortable.



- Nylon/Cotton/Spandex quick drying durable fabric

- Lightweight and packable for avid travelers 

- 7 pockets 2 of which are zippered

- Articulated knees

- Straight leg fit


Washing Directions:

- Machine wash cold

- Hang dry or low/med heat in dryer


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Top notch

Sav Tac always fits me well and feels quality. The pants are great, lightweight and breathable on extremely humid summer days. The pockets are deep. The waist measurement is more snug than I expected but fits true to size

Trail pant initial review.

First off, these are very comfortable and light weight pants, which I really appreciate in the warmer months when I'm needing to wear long pants but would prefer shorts. Secondly, they seem to be well made in the areas of stress but time will be the judge of that.
My only initial gripe about these, having only worn them once so far, is that the zippers are set in such a way that over time gravity and movement will make the zipper slide down allowing any contents in the pockets to potentially be lost. In regards to zippers, the one on my right thigh won't budge. I'm going to probably have to work on prying it apart or applying wax to the teeth of the zipper so I don't destroy the pants.
Possibly improvements on version 2.0 would be to correct the issues above and consider reinforcing the lower hem to be either doubling over of current material or using a more rugged material for wear and tear around the heels of boots/shoes while in the brush or on the range.

Robert Sanchez
Great light weight pants!!

These pants are super light weight and comfortable, all the different pockets are very well thought out and practical! As always Savage Tacticians puts out some the best attire!! I’ll always be buy their products!!

The Last Roman
Superb, lightweight, and comfortable

Bruh, these pants fit perfectly and they’re so light that it feels like I wasn’t wearing anything at all. 10/10 would give 5.11 a run for their money no 🧢

D. M.
Tactical combat britches

One of the best cut lightweight pants I've found in a while. I have worn them on a night full of bad decisions, which led to a lengthy flight through swamps and thick brush. When the cops finally caught up, my pants were dry enough that I could enjoy the tazing and subsequent long drive to jail. I will definitely buy another pair but will pass on another electrifying 3 mile op-test